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Never Surrender



Psalm 25:14 The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.

John 15:7  If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.


Book Description:

Joseph was an M-1 Tanker in the legendary 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) in the Gulf War. Their mission was to lead the attack on the Iraqi mine field while being attacked with chemical, and biological weapons. It was a suicide mission, and they were awarded the Valorous Unit Award for extraordinary heroism in war. This book is about the mission, and the impact that it had on his life.


For all of the chest-pounding politicians and overheated pundits who are quick to recommend war, Desert Storm: Dreadnought should be required reading.”BlueInk Review

“He deals with more than just the battle field experiences, though his account of them will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. He deals with what happened to him after his time was up in the U.S. Army. Get your heart broke as you read about his bouts with the after shock of those life and death battles in Iraq. Learn about his ongoing treatments to overcome them now in civilian life.”- Dr. Jay Snell  Full Review

“His tale is an extremely poignant one in which he starts with his enlistment in the Army, survives and thrives during the war and then switches gears to how his life was dramatically effected after the war all the way up to the beginning Operation Iraqi Freedom and the anguish he felt for the soldiers of a younger generation going into that situation.” K. Wyatt  Full Review

“Your book is simply magnificent and big screen movie worthy Mr. George. From my perspective of tanks and being an Army veteran, you nailed it point on! You captivated the reader with flowing themes from page number one forward.”M

“I highly recommend Joseph’s book. Read about the travesty of war and how it affects our young men and women who are one of our most treasured possessions. This book will enlighten you and hopefully impact your life that you will choose to honor and protect our young men and women against the tragedy of war which we ignore as we go about our busy lives forgetting the horrors that our young men and women endure in war. Stand up and support those who have sacrificed so much and continue to suffer today in the name of our country we love, America.”-               Brenda Luther 

“I am grateful for having the opportunity to read this book, as it has given me yet more information about the kinds of things that so many soldiers don’t want to talk about when they return. It has also helped me to forgive myself and lessens the guilt a little more for the misunderstandings and eventual dissolution of a relationship that was something very much unhealthy and quickly spiraling out of control. Even though I still have so much love for that man, I now understand that he was and is, a changed man and I understand now that this nightmare never ends for our soldiers.” Theresa Marie

“I enjoyed reading this story of one young man’s experience during war and the impact on his life once returning home. Sadly it is a story I have heard a number of times in the past but it makes this particular experience no less important. As a young man Joseph joined the army and suddenly found himself thrust into an unexpected war. As with all wars, it is the young, idealistic men who have to fight the battles caused by Dictators and politicians. Our understanding of the effects of war on young men and women has improved but we still fall short of providing the required support.
I believe everyone should read these types of books, in the hope they help all of us to think twice about war in the future or at least continue to improve how we treat returning combatants.  My only small criticism of the book would be that it is a very thin book but the content is weighty.”
Bill Ward

“Joseph gives a very visual depiction of his experience in combat and how it affected him. He went into the military to serve his country and came out a broken person. The level of treatment for returning wartime vets is sadly depicted here and needs to be made better ASAP so fewer soldiers comeback with long-term psychological problems.”Paul



 “For all of the chest-pounding politicians and overheated pundits who are quick to recommend war, Desert Storm: Dreadnought should be required reading.”-BlueInk Review